Giving Thanks

On any given day, there are so many things we take for granted: the food on our tables, the clothes in our closets, the loved ones who are with us. We here at MK are taking an extra moment this Thanksgiving to remember all of the things we are so blessed to have (see below for just a few!) Wishing you and yours a simply beautiful day, with many, many reasons to be thankful as well!

A warm home, with a table full of delicious food to feast on:

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Trying new recipes of our favorite foods, and the friends and family we share them with:

From the Kitchen of…Robin Bashinsky, Recipe Tester and Developer "I got the idea to cook blueberries in with cranberry sauce when I...:

Hasselback Garlic and Herb Baby Potatoes by taste love and nourish

Let's all be honest, while turkey may get all the Thanksgiving attention, the real stars of the meal are the side dishes. They spread on the dinner table, handed from guest to guest for a dollop of this or serving of that, and end up taking up the majority of your plate. Dishes like roasted vegetables, fluffy dressing, creamy mashed potatoes, airy rolls, seasonal salads, and the classic green bean casserole all combine to bring your Thanksgiving together. This collection of recipes allows you...:

Sheet Pan Roasted Vegetables

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie with Turkey Pie Crust ❊ I can't even ...

Having a reason to engage with our children in fun and meaningful ways:

Have your kids write out what they're thankful for on strips of colored paper. Each one will be attached to a pinecone turkey for an interactive centerpiece that reminds guests of Thanksgiving's true meaning.

Get the tutorial at Creating Couture Parties.

Kids will have a blast (and a friendly competition) with this homemade ship-race game from Brittany of One Charming Party. The miniature Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria are constructed from painted milk or orange juice cartons—and propelled by balloons!
Complete How-To: Ship Race

These crafty placemats double as name cards—and just might inspire an impromptu art party! Don't forget the chalkboard marker.
Get the tutorial at Say Yes.

A safe and comfortable place to relax at the end of the day:


I want to live here. Give me all the cozy cableknit quilted things!:

Warm and Cosy Living Room with Rustic Fireplace                                                                                                                                                                                 More: