The Beauty of Hygge

Here we are – mid February. The groundhog recently predicted another 6 weeks of winter, the days are cold and gray, and the current political landscape has left many of us exhausted and irritated. How to escape the ever-increasing stress levels, you ask? Scandinavian countries have been incorporating principles of something called Hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-ga’ or ‘hue-gah’) into their lives for centuries, and the concept is gaining traction in the Western world.

While there is no literal translation for the word, hygge is often described in English as ‘coziness’ or ‘togetherness’. It’s used as a noun (“Your home evokes a sense of hygge”) as well as a verb (“Let’s hygge”). It is not simply a physical state or method of interior design, though its principles certainly extend towards our physical space. Hygge is more far-reaching: In addition to physical space, it also embodies mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as intimate social connections. There seems to be a big value placed on the ‘little things’. Feel free to read more about hygge here:

That said, below are some ways to incorporate hygge elements into your home:

Bring in Warmth via Lighting

Natural candles bring in warmth and delicious scents to any space:

Beautiful scented candles from John Lewis to create a festive atmosphere at your home:

The faux-flame candle movement is producing some very realistic looking options, as well as design aesthetics that are moving past the basic white pillar candle:

There are some occasions where a stylish battery candle is the only option!:

Or, put up a string of white lights to instantly provide soothing mood-lighting to any space:

♡M o n i q u e.M:


When designing a space from the bottom-up, you may have the option to use one wall as a means to create a focal point. This can be achieved using natural materials, such as the wood planking shown here, or could be an easier installation such as textured wall paper or a sponge painting technique:

hipster apartments:

When you don’t have the option to completely modify your interior walls, texture can be added to a space using pillows, blankets and rugs:

best Bohemian Bedroom Designs:

Beautifully designed lounge, with the warm peach shades! #Love #Design #interior:

Shop domino for the top brands in home decor and be inspired by celebrity homes and famous interior designers. domino is your guide to living with style.:

Keep It Simple

Hygge principles are centered around creating a comfortable, inviting atmosphere – this can be achieved without being ostentatious, showy or over the top. Remember, the focus is to relax and de-stress, so it makes perfect sense that we should lessen the burdens of purchasing and showcasing items  within our homes:

Interior Design | Nooks: A Home Oasis:

30 Examples Of Minimal Interior Design:

simple dining room | photo jonas ingerstedt:

What are some of your favorite ways to hygge?