Couldn’t We All Use a Little More Green?

With the end of winter just a few days away, everyone is getting excited for warmer temperatures, brunching outdoors and long walks without the fear of getting frostbite. It’s got us thinking – why not bring a little of the outdoors in so we can enjoy nature’s feel-good vibes all year long? Below are some of our favorite ways to decorate the home using plants:

Who says flowers can only perch in a vase ON the table?

Romantisch en urban jungle gaat perfect samen in deze veldbloemenhanger van een rustiek houten pallet. // via VT Wonen:

The power of three makes a bold statement in these large freestanding planters at varying heights:


For those of us who don’t have a large space to showcase foliage, opt for mini shelves hung in a vertical fashion:

Plaats je favoriete planten in kubussen van staaldraad om ze uit te lichten en een industriële urban jungle look te geven.:

The beautiful combination of fruit and leafy greens makes for a serene and eye-catching display piece in the kitchen:


We are digging the resourcefulness of repurposing empty cans and tea tins! Channel your inner Andy Warhol and give it a go:

houseplants (6)

tea planters.JPG

If you don’t have any kids or pets to contest with, try lining your stairs with different types of mini plants for a fun, yet refined aesthetic:

house plants display (2)

We love the look of an indoor trellis and how it acts as a horizontal grip for this viny plant to extend onto:

love the word art! it reminds me of tiles i used in a few projects.:

Everyone knows that plants provide fresh air for us to breathe. That said, what better place to use them than in the bathroom? Keep scrolling for some creative ways you can incorporate our H2O-emitting friends:

bath.JPGshower plant.JPG

More                                                                                                                                                                                 More:

(you get extra points if you pull in the green color with this bath mat, like these folks did!)

What are some of your favorite ways to bring the outdoors into your home?